The condition of having high blood pressure is considered as dangerous as the symptoms are not easily visible but can do tremendous harm, including leading to more complicated health conditions like heart disease and stroke. Under such circumstances where there is a major health risk, bringing down the blood pressure levels is imperative. In order to do so, there are a number of drugs that help control high blood pressure, and two among them are Benicar and Losartan. The following is a comparison between the drugs to help decide on the right one for treating hypertension.


Benicar is prescription drug that is used to treat people who have high blood pressure and is the trade name for the drug Olmesartan. Benicar belongs to the class of drugs called as angiotensin II receptor antagonists. The mechanism of action of this medication is such that it works to prevent the blood vessels from narrowing, thereby enabling the blood flow to be smoother. Along with hypertension, this may also be used to treat conditions like heart failure and kidney disease.


Losartan is another important medication that is used to treat hypertension and is commonly available under the brand Cozaar. While Losartan’s primary use is to treat high blood pressure, the drug may also be administered to reduce the risk of stroke, particularly in persons who have some form of heart disease. The drug belongs to the angiotensin II receptor antagonist class of medications. It is an important drug as it helps to prevent the blood vessels from tightening or narrowing. When the blood vessels relax, the supply of oxygen throughout the body is smooth. It can also help slow down kidney damage in patients who have type-2 diabetes and also for heart diseases.

Choosing between Benicar and Losartan

Seeing as both Benicar and Losartan work in a similar fashion, it may be deemed difficult to choose one drug over the other. Opting for the right one also depends on several other factors. One of this is the fact that you could decide between the brand and generic of both drugs This would not reduce the effectiveness but you would be getting the quality product when choosing the brand. Generic variants work just as well but you may want to watch out for potential side effects.

Although Benicar and Losartan are highly effective in treating hypertension, choosing the right one would come down to your symptoms and also your healthcare provider. Your doctor would know better as to which one would work best for you. You would also know what effects to watch out for. No matter what drug is chosen, it is essential to take the drug only as prescribed and also to regularly get the blood pressure level checked to see if your health is improving or not. Bringing down the blood pressure to normal would greatly reduce the risk of developing unpleasant health complications that have the potential to severely hamper your lifestyle, quality of life, and overall health.