Millions of people suffer from hair loss, and turn to different hair regrowing products to find relief. Some of these contain medications, like minoxidil, while others are natural products that work to condition and rebuild hair, as well as stimulate the scalp. All of these products function in different ways, and some are more effective against certain types of hair loss than others. There are also certain methods for regrowing hair, including scalp massages.

One of the best methods for regrowing hair is over the counter products containing minoxidil. Originally formulated as a prescription drug, minoxidil was accidentally discovered to stop hair loss and help new hair grow. Now, its marketed as a product to prevent and treat baldness. The advantage of minoxidil is that it is one of the only products that has actually been clinically proven to regrow hair. The disadvantage of it is that it is messy, difficult to apply, expensive, and can have some side effects. Users who turn to minoxidil also need to be aware that it isnt a permanent treatment, and hair loss is likely to resume if treatment is discontinued.

Another good method for regrowing hair is to use a wooden-bristled brush for scalp massages. Wood absorbs small amounts of oil from the hair and scalp, and the act of brushing helps to redistribute this oil throughout hair to help it be healthier. Brushing hair close to the roots rubs the scalp, encouraging more blood to flow to hair follicles. This helps keeps follicles healthy, which, in turn, allows them to produce healthier hair.

The third best method to regrow hair is to use essential oils or spices to help encourage more blood flow to the scalp. Oils and herbs that produce a warming or cooling sensation are good for this, including mustard seed, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, or cayenne. These ingredients can be included in hair rinses or conditioning treatments, which are then massaged into the scalp.

Another good method to regrow hair is to apply moist heat to the scalp. Like essential oils, this increases blood flow to the area, which keeps follicles healthy. Many people massage on a hair growth treatment, then wrap their head in a plastic bag or a warm, moist towel to trap heat and help the treatment absorb more thoroughly.

The fifth best way to regrow hair is to undergo hair transplant surgery. This is often the only option when other methods fail, and it consists of taking some of the stronger, more resistant follicles from the back of the head, and transplanting them to balding areas. The upside to this surgery is that it is effective, but it has a lot of down sides. It can be awhile for hair regrowth to look natural, users generally need repeated treatments, and hair transplants can be extremely expensive.

Whether you are dealing with hair loss from medication, hormones, age, or other factors, there is a treatment that can help you. By using one of these five methods, you can find the secret to safe, effective hair regrowing.